If you have gear with markings that aren’t yours chances are you can find out who they belong to from this list. As with all electrical tape the colour Earth is green and yellow stripes.
Adam SpillaineThin purple, or letter (a)
Adelaide de DiesbachPink with rainbows and unicorns
Ali ArmbarBlack and White
Alisa DuncanRed and blue
Andy ChapmanPurple
Ben StevensBrown
Brendan MackrillGreen and Yellow
Brendan SloanEarth and Red combined
Bridget HallRed and Green
Charlotte JefferiesBlack and Yellow stripes
Chris PlayfootWhite
Craig HamerOrange and Green
Dave Cattell (Motobike Dave)Red, White, Blue
David BotcherbyUKIP (Purple and Yellow)
David HarleyBlack and Red
David PooleBlue and Black
Edd WillattsBlue & Yellow
Ellie SharplesRed
Glen SankeyGreen and White
Hannah MoultonYellow and Red
Helen FaircloughPale Pink
Henry RockliffGreen
Imogen FurlongBlue
Jack DewisonHallam Colours (Purple and White)
James RhodesBlack and Grey
Jeff WadeGreen and Earth
Jen PlucknettBlue Earth Yellow
Jethro PrykeOrange and Purple
Jonny BrookeBlack with a thin White strip in the middle (i.e Black White Black)
Conor McGurkSilver
Matthew WireBlue and Red
Michael HollidayGalaxy Pattern
Michael SoulbyBlack and Green
Michael Woodward (Jreg)Green, Gold and Blue
Molly SmithRed and Green
Rachael RixTough Tag (Blue) - with name
Rob MiddletonBlue
Robert EavisBlack and Yellow
Rosie HadfieldEarth and Black
Rostam NamaghiWhite and Red
Sam StringerWhite and Yellow
Steve JonesBlack space Black
SUSS Club KitBlack and Yellow cable ties
Tim WebberYellow (flourescent/reflective/both/Tough Tag- with name)
Tom1 SmithBlack and Yellow
Tom2 BellWhite and Earth
Tom GambleBlue and White
Tommy MooreEarth and Blue
Bridget JamesPurple, White and Green
Olly HallFunky Leopard Print
Lydia LeatherPurple and Blue
Antonia Headlam-MorleyBlue, grey, yellow