Caving is the best sport ever. You can see vast chambers untouchable by the most powerful of lights, you can see formations that appear to defy physics, you can gaze upon mineral formations vivid in the darkness, and see great towering heights dropping into darkness.

Unfortunately you can’t see any of these things in Gautries.

I was invited to this illustrious Dewison dig by the man himself, to apply some niche skills I had experience of in the past. Apparently my job was to make the passage of the dig tray more luxuriant by removing some rocks. Chemical persuasion seemed overkill, and so we plug and feathered it. I presume I was given this job as a retired professional digger and rock remover extraordinaire, and not simply because I’m the only one that seems to actually own some plug and feathers.

For your perusal I have rated the dig.

Comfort = 6/10

In the famous words of Malcolm Tucker this dig is like the Shawshank Redemption but with more shit and no fucking redemption. At least, until you break through into my dig into P8 which might actually downgrade the comfort rating. I did somewhat… Enjoy? being back in a Derbyshire shit mine after Spain. Kind of – it just feels like home.

Technical Interest 9/10

The dig contains a plug that floods the entrance whilst you’re in it, brilliant. Innovative manual flopjack but based on an entire cave. Sketchy scaffolding in here, a true Reavis classic.

Diggability 4/10

Soft sediment to dig following the wall but stacking space is limited and needs serveral folks to haul which downgrades the score. Close to entrance however so wins some points for that.

Social scene 7/10

Not too bad in the dig. Some good value characters. And very pubbable: The Wanted is a true Derbyshire mainstay.

Potential 10/10

WILL go into Peak Cavern. Via the Stoney Master system probably. Passing underneath Bull Pit as it goes.

Overall rating 6.2/10, good dig. As good a manure tunnel as any other. I highly recommend a visit.