I am getting a few questions about how Germany and Digging was for me so:


German caves are much dryer than the ones we have here. Because of this, they felt ‘dusty ‘ too. This trip made me realise I like a good wet cave when I see one, and I want to start experimenting with sporting trips. In the actual cave, we took in a cement-like powder and mixed it with water. I was told this was [gypsum?]. We spread the paste in between this large crevice/crack in the wall, and left it to dry. The crack in the wall was huge, and apparantly perhaps quite recent. The idea is that, when the next cavers come back, if there’s a crack in the gypsum, or if it’s moved, then we know there is movement and the room is then deemed ‘unsafe’ [But i’m not too sure on the specifics]. I met some lovely cavers [one german, one british, both knew many English cavers which was nice to talk about]


I love digging. It’s so different from what feels like caving. Digging is just a couple of mates who just want to chat-shit, laugh, not think about stuff too hard and want to feel like they’re really making a difference to the caving community. Honestly, I didn’t understand the hype of digging before, but I do now. I loved the feeling of shifting around heavy rock [I have a past in powerlifting so I like lifting and throwing around heavy shit]

There was no pressure and it was really awesome to watch the others and how they use the equipment.

training weekend:

The training weekend was legit so much fun. I stayed up as much as I wanted, trained as much as I liked and genuinly could say I pushed myself really well. I started timing myself to do SRT tasks under timed pressure, which really helped my basic skills. This helped me in Yordas the next day.

Yordas was super cool. I love how challenging it was and legit I felt so comfortable just being in it. Really awesome cave because it’s pretty, but it felt super chill too because all my friends were in it. We somehow managed to miss our deviation crab and I tried to swing out to grab it with no success. Max succeeded, well done Max! Botch then spotted a ram trapped in a fence so decided to free it. How cute.

Until next time on,