It’s been a while, my fellows.

I don’t know whether any of you enjoyed my write ups or not, but I did get a few comments on how they were ‘interesting’ to say the least. Last year, some of you enjoyed them!

I wanted to address my sudden silence for a while, because I started writing a story and had the whole thing planned out, only to write the first chapter and ‘give up’ as it were.

Well, I had no passion for writing, life was good. I wrote down stories to escape sorrow. But when I decided to stop, my life was impeccable and couldn’t be faulted. Therefore, no creativity would flow. Even if I wanted to continue, my heart wasn’t in it because there was nothing to escape from. I wanted to create something better for the caving society at the time also, and give myself a challenge.

Hence why I picked up the camera and decided to start editing. I’ve been filming and editing for half a year now, as some of you know. It’s very enjoyable. I plan to make perhaps 4-5 short video documentaries. I can’t give specifics on when they will be released, but I do now have a trailer at the very least.

Who knows? I may still write in the future, if my passion comes leaping back, but until that day, no imaginary monsters and Botch telling me off mid-way through a story. (if you didn’t understand that then you need to read my previous stories)