Members Present: Adelaide de Diesbach, Glen Sankey, Liam Overett, Wenlong She

A cavern hidden in the beautiful countryside. Our trip began with warm sunlight —something that will always encourage you get out of there when you are struggling in a muddy cavern. Red and green are the dominant colors of this land, while black is the dominant color of underground. After a long walking tour along the river, we finally found the entrance of the Wretched Rabbit.

Just like many other caverns, we squeezed into this hole, squeezed into an unknown new world. The beginning was easy — descending is always easy. However, when Adelaide asked me about my feeling of this cavern, I didn’t dare to speak out my true feeling. Last time I did that in the giant hole, some terrible things happened immediately. You can say that it is one kind of superstition. Besides that, there were two other clubs caving there. That’s why Liam called it a social caving. Talking and laughing fulfilled this dark world with warm air, while Glen fulfilled another club’s backup back bag with stones.

It is not a quiet cavern, waterfalls and streams couldn’t stop sing. When you are trying to climb out of the cavern, the singing seems to be louder. To fight against those silppy palisades was quite a big challenge for fresher. When the wind from the outside world blew to my body again, it felt like warm current. Because I knew  that, hot water and delicious foods are waiting for me. Just like Shelley said,  If cold wind comes, can hot shower be far behind?