Louise, Michael H, Jolene, Conor

On the Sunday d the Orpheus weekend we were trying to find trips, as it turns out the far side of the White Peak is a bit shit. So as Olly and George had left Titan rigged we decide to go down under the pretense of derigging for them.


After a usual if frustrating amount of faff and hut cleaning, we were finally kitted up and at the entrance by 14.15. I was feeling quite calm and composed as the leader of this trip, which made me pleased. Michael rigged the entrance and we were down quite quickly.


  1. I led the way to the top of the main pitch, we were all quite nervous. As some others were down there was a spotlight rigged over the pitch, which was handy although made it more visible and scary. I checked the rigging Olly and George had left in, and added a crab to clip our rope into the traverse as a backup. As everyone seemed happy, I left them and descended to the event horizon. After waiting only a short time Conor joined me seemingly exhilarated and proclaiming “that was intense”.


After this, Michael shouted something down which was hard to hear because of the echoes. I understood that Jolene didn’t want to decend, and as I had they key and the lid was locked they couldn’t go out. Doh. As such, I decided the easiest thing was for us all to leave together and so Conor set off back up.


He didn’t take overly long, and meanwhile I tried (and failed) to derig the lower pitches. Shortly after we were all in the entrance and after Michael finished practicing a croll to croll on Jolene they prussiked out, followed by me and Conor.


Overall, not a successful trip in terms of completeness (we had aimed for the streamway) but I was proud of my composure and the attempt I made at derigging which was foiled not by fear but by confusion. Will return to complete.