Twas a fine weekend for a south Wales visit, so on Friday evening I found myself picking up Mike Butcher from a youth rehabilitation center in the aptly named Belle Isle of Leeds. We proceeded to the suburban Manchester borough of Denton where my car was abandoned on Benji’s driveway and Jo picked us up. The journey down was boring and uneventful but improved otherwise by good company and doughnuts for 6p.

Saturday was biology time. Led by Jules Carter from the museum of Wales, we had an entomological gander in Powell’s cave, which, if I lived nearer would be a pleasing dig. A good amount of beasties were found, including but not limited to Meta menardi, Metellina merianae, Androniscus dentiger, and several springtails of unknown provenance.

After an explore we proceeded into OFD I, which is, as one UKC member put out, a few plastic dinosaurs away from being a show cave. Nethertheless, a good few crustaceans were found including Nephargus, if I recall correctly.

After a break, we all had a go identifying such using the microscopes. Thom Starnes became very excited examining a ball point pen. After this we had a discussion about the future of the up coming BCRA biology SIG, which may yet see a restart of the cave biology recording scheme. There’s still much to learn regarding British cave biology.

That evening we were regaled with stories of people shitting themselves.

Sunday we wanted a trip. Jules kindly joined us on a cheeky top -> cwm dwr through trip, which was a quick one owing to our needing to fuck off back to the North. We were joined by two women from Imperial, who made great company.

We were also joined by lusty new SUSS member George Breley who ably demonstrated his technique of keeping dry in the OFD streamway, which mainly involves rubbing his crotch on lots of rock.

I must say I thoroughly enjoyed that streamway, especially marble showers which is very beautiful. It’s that sort of easy trip that is varied enough to be interesting and pretty enough to make you glad you took up all this hole bothering in the first place.

Upon leaving the hut, me and George Breley embraced. I feel our friendship is blossoming, although I accept it will never reach the heady heights of the Breley/Hall bromance.

Over all an exemplary weekend which I thoroughly enjoyed. I must thank all involved!