It was early on Monday afternoon when I got the message from Jack about a super secret caving trip he was planning; a raid on Christmas Aven, to reclaim it back for SUSS. Utmost secrecy was sworn, and then promptly forgotten, as come the day everyone seemed to know that a “secret” trip was happening, although the exact nature of it fortunately remained covert.

We set off on Wednesday evening  after leaving callout with Jreg(?), in the mental rental, Jack’s courtesy car as his plush VW was out of commission. Not an aux cable in sight unfortunately, so the music choice for the drive out was an old Nightwish disc, a remnant of Jack’s edgy past, followed by a few tracks from Sieben’s “As They Should Sound”, a CD that Jack found on the floor in Peak Cavern.

Upon reaching the P8 car park, and quickly getting changed in the freezing weather, Jack realised that he had forgotten his helmet and light, fortunately however, he had an old ULSA helmet still in the back of his car, so he was able to use that to remain safe. Unfortunately the light on it was woefully underpowered, and so I had to light the way through the cave for him using mine.

We made it to the dig in 15 minutes, which was impressive given that Jack couldn’t see, and set about setting up the flag and camera for the shots. After an hour or so of clambering about in the dig, adjusting the pitifully small amount of lighting we had and tweaking camera settings, we finally had a few good shots and one half watchable video. We figured that was enough to get the point across, and with the dig successfully liberated we set off out of the cave.

Me and Jack mid-liberation

The trip back out of the cave was quick but uneventful, and within 15 minutes we were back on the surface, after climbing out of the now frozen solid entrance of the cave. We were originally planning on moving a few G R E E N B O I S. but with Jack’s lighting issues we decided that today was not the day for it.

The frozen entrance to P8

A quick bimble back to the parking lot left us with a 2 hour trip car>car. After cancelling callout with Molly(??) We headed back to Sheffield, this time listening to the classic album “Elephunk” by the Black Eyed Peas.

All in all a decent trip, and a bold step forward in the liberation plans of SUSS. Next on the list is Lay-by Shelter, but you didn’t hear that from me.


P.S. Don’t worry Will, we plan to do thousands of times more digging than you did down there, although 1000 x 0 = 0…