This isn’t a usual trip report, I’m just transcribing this old report here for reference. Mainly for Ash Hiscock’s usage but I assumed other people may be interested in the report’s contents – it documents dive explorations carried out by Martin Farr, Roger Solari and Colin Fairbairn using the SUSS Hut as a base. I’ve transcribed it from the book as best I can, but I may have some bits wrong!

W/E 20/1st July
Diving trips P8


After navigating(?) around in the vastly crowded campers field with cells etc bottles etc etc eventually got to Perryfoot about 1pm.

3 divers + bottles + sherpas bottomed P8 then came out.
After an (?) attempt to dive the sumps divers inc. left bottles etc for Sunday – Martin having been as far as Sump 4.
Evening spent in Castle

Divers – Roger Solari, Martin Farr & Colin Fairbairn SWCC

Sherpas – Chris Pugsley, Neil Craven, Steve Muir & Deej


The three divers left early to continue the dive, 10:15 A.M. underground. After Saturdays SPAS effort the dive went very successfully to Sump 9. Martin diven in Sump 9 and added 250′ of line to Parker’s 300′. At this point in time the line reel disintegrated leaving another 350′ of line in a heap. Martin then came back – next divers in there BEWARE!!! The divers returned to be met by Deej & Chris who had been digging while the divers were down, Deej and Chris had been trying to engineer a sump by-pass by digging straight ahead along the rift beyond the sump pool. Vast amounts of mud were scooped out, but progress was held up by a calcite flow which needs banging.

The trip out with diving kit was strenuous and boring – taking perhaps 1 hour to clear the system.

Before going down P8 Deej and Chris wandered across faucet rake & tried banging an obvious mined out vein with winding marks clearly visible.
After two attempts at loosening the choke we decided that digging should get through & moved to another large depression over towards Speedwell & the Winnats.
The nearby climbing shaft was choked with collapsed (?) but an easy dig. 3/4lb of bang in the bottom of the depression failed to drop it  but loosened it considerably.
Further progress was halted by an unknown person + dog presumed to be Fred’s son coming down towards us. Having successfully avoided him we festered until about 2pm back at the hut.