Ste Barker and I went down Sidetrack the other day (10/04/2016), It’s a crying shame because it was really sunny, but thankfully it was a only short trip. The plan was to go into White River but due to time/access/gear/laziness we went here instead. SIDETRACK IS AMAZING EVERYONE SHOULD DO IT IT’S THE BEST TRIP IN THE PEAK.

Leaving Sheffield turned out to be a rightmare as the half marathon was on, completely monopolising Ecclesall and Ringinglow. Several failed diversions later, fighting traffic with the other lost drivers, and a few minutes tyre spinning in a ditch trying to turn round, I sacked it all off and went out via Ladybower, this worked. I was an hour late though…

After a hasty chat with Tony and picking up some goodies we set off to Eldon Quarry.

What a big old place, you could set up a half kilometre zipline (at least) if you could find solid rock to put bolts into.

So we abbed down the little face to get to the entrance on the platform, 1 old through bolt at the top and two good looking P bolts. We rigged off these to go straight down (perpendicular), but it turns out the rebelay bolt is off to the left, essentially following the shallowest line of the groove. All the rock was a bit crumbly but we got down fine regardless.

Entrance: Avoiding spiders and puddles.
Middle: Flat out crawl and riding the mud bank ‘au cheval’.
End: Walking passage with minor pretties.

Curtains for you.

Obligatory ‘light behind the curtain’ shot in Sidetrack

As we were coming back up the rope a couple of bits of the face crumbled off – so take it steady if you go there. The slab on the left joining the groove looks like a moderate free climb, okay if you had to do it, but a bit hairy in greasy wellies.

Just as I derigged, Ste’s Ikea bag blew off the top, he got it though don’t worry.

Afterwards I went to Hitch and Hike and then back to see Tony. My pocket was a bit lighter by the time I was back in Sheffield.

Oh and the Sharrow Lantern Festival was just lovely in the evening.