(To match the tune of “Be a Man” from Disney’s Mulan)

Let’s get down to business
To complete this cave
Did I ask for leaders?
Well they sent me Dave

It’s the wettest pitch I’ve ever done
And there’s still six more to do
Rachael will rig this cave
On pull-throughs

Spooning in this alcove
But we’re still not warm
We set off at one
And got out at four

Nat forgot her wellies and wet socks
So she’s caving in her shoes
Somehow we’ll do this cave
On pull-throughs

We’re never gonna catch our breath
Newcastle are right behind us
Nat only went to bed today at 8am

We’re all gonna catch our death
I hope CRO can find us
Now I really wish that I had not drunk gin

(Swinsto Hole!)
We have been crawling for bloody hours
(Swinsto Hole!)
With all the feeling gone from my hands
(Swinsto Hole!)
While all the others have gone cave diving,
I’ll complain about some coldness in my pants

Time is racing t’ward us
Inglesport will shut
All the rest are waiting
At the caving hut

Molly’s oversuit has ripped apart
And her legs are black and blue
Why did we choose to rig
The pull-through?

(Swinsto Hole!)
We must be close to the Valley Entrance
(Swinsto Hole!)
With any luck it will be day-time
(Swinsto Hole!)
We hope Newcastle have rigged the pitch up
If not then we’ll have to try and do the climb

(Swinsto Hole!)
We’re getting close we can taste the fresh air
(Swinsto Hole!)
Our spirits high we pick up the pace
(Swinsto Hole!)
As we crawl out the exit tunnel
I empty my wellies onto Molly’s face


Trip date: 14-2-16