Wha’ could ah ‘onestly seh about the trip ta Carlswark, otha than how absolutely amazin it wor?

Walkin down t’ B6251 from Eyam, it wor fascinatin ta see euh (‘a’) landscape carved from t’ destructive ‘ands of man. Will pointed art eur couple o’ entrances whose names ah wor familiar wi’, such as Flowa Pot ‘n Merlin Mine. Afta about 10 minutes o’ walkin, we eventually cem upon Gin entrance, wun o’ t’ entrances down inta Carlswark.

Wi’ the branches weavin its way art o’ the Earth aroun’ Gin entrance, ah felt like young Brandon Stark. On we walked into t’ darkness awaitin us, along euh passage wi’ euh lo ceilin and eur gentle gradient for aroun’ 25 metres.

The passage opens up into Eyam passage, still wi’ eur lo ceilin, ‘n is aroun’ 300 metres in length. Afta 20m into Eyam passage, yeur can stand, ‘n will soon realise that this is the only point o’ standin throughart t’ duration of Carlswark. T’ passage leads round t’ left, ‘n int’ centre of the floor, you’ll find wha’ appears ta be a form o’ collapse of the original floor, which appears ta lead down into euh small passageway. To t’ left is euh chuffin’ grand ‘n smooth calci’ formation, which provides great grip ta walk aroun’ the collapse. Carryin on along Eyam passage, afta aroun’ 60m, to t’ left is Sahth (South) Crawl, which carries on for 70m. Goin along t’ main passageway, theer are euh couple o’ formations, such as Stalagmites, ‘n Travertine formations along t’ floor. 100m into Eyam passage, t’ ceilin begins ta close down on yeur (‘you’) ‘n yeur suddenly finn’ yursen bent back, walkin along t’ passageway. An amazin workout is wha’ ah av ta seh, ‘n as Bikram Choudury once sez, “if yeur av euh grand spine, t’ gods will chase yeur.” Wha’ betta way ta av euh spine workout than goin down Carlswark? For’t remainin 200m of Eyam passage, it is bent back ‘n truddlin thru knee deep wattah, which appeared much deepa as we wor bent down, sa it went teur yeur waist a’ its deepest point.

Just as we cem upon cockle passage, Will pointed art that yeur could see t’ drops int’ wattah level by t’ shape of t’ beck. Yeur could see wheer t’ wattah once flowed a’ euh ‘igha level ‘n flowed round into Eyam passage, bur eur drop int’ wattah level caused t’ wattah ta erode daahn into t’ underlyin rock ‘n exploit euh weakness plane, carvin its way, away fra Eyam passage. It wor amazin in cockle passage ta luk up at t’ fossil bed abuv arh ‘eads ‘n see t’ countless fossils, lookin back thru time. Shinin wee noggin torches a’ t’ ceilin, theer seemed ta be thousands o’ wattah droplets, but wor i’ fact thousands o’ colonies o’ bacterieur ‘n yeur could distinguish larga colonies from t’ smalla ones.

A’ cockle passage, theer wor euh left ‘n reet turn, Will sez tha’ ee’d nevva teken t’ reet (‘right’) passage, so ah sez ther’s always euh furst time, ‘n it wor t’ raaht (‘right’) we tuk. It wor euh little squeeze ta get thru ta it, but ah love euh grand squeeze ‘n just dragged uz way thru. It wor euh small passage ‘nd we a’d ta crawl thru, ‘nd we wor greeted by euh lush pool o’ wattah, afta aroun’ 15m, an ah dived straeight into it, ‘n ah just ‘eard Will int’ distance sayin ‘e regretted takin ‘a’ raaht.

Once art (‘out’) o’ t’ small passage it wor into Stalacti’ passage, i’ which t’ ceilin closed i’ on us slightly, but this only continued on for aroun’ 60m, wheer yeur could see evidence o’ stalactites. T’ floor wor reet gritty wi’ pebbles o’ different sizes ‘n measures o’ roundness. Theer wor euh surprisin lack o’ stalactites present, ta seh it is known as ‘Stalacti’ Passage’, which could suggest tha’ theer ‘as bin sum alteration to the passage, be it natural or man-made.

This passage led into Pearl chamba which continued on for 50m, where theer are two beautiful Stalacti’ formations. T’ first formation ‘as bin left intact but unfortunately, t’ secon’ appears ta av bin tampered wi’, ‘n is brok, which ah can only assume wor snapped off by anotha person. At t’ end o’ chamba, to t’ left is rift sump ‘n aladdin’s crawl ‘n if yeur go on teur t’ reet, ther’s eur sleight squeeze along t’ reet side of euh boulda, which ‘as bin tried countless times, I know this by t’ marks left behin’. Followin the squeeze leads yeur just above t’ boulda into euh small, tight chamba. T’ wattah levels in Rift sump wor chuffin’ low, so we wor able ta nip on down sum 10m mooar than usual ta examine what is usually underwata.

Afta spendin sum time explorin, we ‘eaded back daahn along Stalactite passage. But, ratha than takin t’ crawl back thru t’ wattah, we tuk t’ passage up into Dynami’ passage. Ah spent euh bit o’ time explorin t’ Dynami’ Series ‘n tryin ta go on as far as ah can, bur ah ‘eard Will’s voice gerrin reet distant, so ah ‘eaded back ta Dynami’ passage. Followin t’ passage for about 60m, we cem ta euh streamway passage tha’ went teur the left t’wards Big Dig ‘n back ta Eyam passage ‘n teur t’reet, down into t’ SUSS dig, which ah followed down ta nip on ‘n check it art so ah knew it’s position for future reference. We ‘eaded back up t’wards Eyam passage, bein careful not ta brake down t’ suppoarts structure for euh part of t’ passage aroun’ 10m from t’ SUSS dig entrance. Euh furtha 10m ‘n to t’raaht, euh passageway led ta Big Dig, which is euh series ta nip into anotha day. Carryin along t’ passage, we ended up back int’ North-West passage tha’ led on 50m back ta Eyam passage.

Back i’ Eyam passage, we ‘eaded back teur t’ entrance ‘n sez tarrar (‘goodbye’) ta euh well good cev. Ah wor chuffed by wha’ ah personally experienced, compared ta negati’ comments made, but ah could only possibly think o’ 2 negati’ aspects o’ t’ cave:

  1. the destruction made by early cavers who snapped wha’ cud av originally bin beautiful formations, just ta tek hooam ‘n keep on the mantelpiece.
  2. not bein able ta stay int’ cev enny longa.

I fully recommen’ it ta orl, despite the negati’ comments made by others, you’ll av euh well good time!