It was a cold and wet Wednesday evening when me, Jethro, Mark and Gamble decided to go down Eldon hole. We met at the suss hut and after the usual faffing we set off in Jethro’s car. (It was a little bit scary, but still not as bad as my driving!)

We eventually got to the car park. It took a lot longer than usual as winnats pass was shut so we had to go the long way round. We quickly got changed and wandered across the field to the cave.

Mark and Gamble went down the south gully while me and Jethro set off down the north side. I rigged to the bottom in an almost respectable time, and found Gamble dangling 2 metres off the floor as he had run out of rope! I passed him the rest of ours and soon we were all at the bottom.

Jethro rigged the pull-through and we made our way steadily into the cave, admiring all the pretties as we went. When we were nearly at the end Jethro spotted a formation that looked a little bit like the Rowntree’s logo which he pointed out to Mark, earning him a scathing look and a sarcastic comment.

We all got to the end in one piece and someone (Jethro) wanted to see if we could all fit in the small gap at the end. It was a bit of a squeeze but somehow we managed it!

On the way out Gamble and Mark de-rigged the north gully and me and Jethro went up the south. We hurried back to the car, with all of us slipping over in the mud (and sheep poo) and made it back to Sheffield by 2:30.