So…CHECC happened, yeah? Sadly the party stopped early on the first night – should have through-tripped it… This meant that a sufficient 2 hours of sleeping time was granted to us before our adventures the next day, well, some of us managed to go caving the next day, unlike the sickly young Dewison.

Myself and Will were scrabbling around trying to find a trip to latch ourselves onto like the parasites we are and after much confusion, like tapeworms we lodged ourselves in the intestinal tract of a trip going to Nettle Pot with GSG.

Not an awful to to say about this one, some tight SRT past abandoned clothing led us to the flats where we split into two groups. The group I was with went down the 50m pitch into Elizabeth, after a bit of look round at potential digs and death routes at the bottom we came back up the 50m pitch with a lot of bouncing on the rope. The slightly unfitter ones among us struggled with this pitch, hangovers weighing us down and tight harnesses forcing foul gases out into the allegedly already ‘bad’ air of Lizzy’s shaft.

A long and cold wait at the surface concluded with the farmer claiming his fees and a steady drive back to the hut for more beer.