A slightly short notice trip to a big hole in the ground after a weekend of winter climbing but why not. Feeling a bit broken still I let Jethro rig down North Gully in the snow, it felt a bit like downwards mountaineering which was fun. Not sure why we chose to do Eldon on one of the coldest evenings of the year, but at least it wasn’t P8. We got down fairly quickly and Jethro only missed one Y hang. After scrabbling through the hole at the bottom of the pitch we set about rigging the pull-through only too discover I’d been a bit of a numpty and brought too short a rope. Not to be deterred we attached the rope for the next pull through to the end and pulled that round too only to find that it was still too short. So a bit of creative (and perfectly safe) rigging later we just about managed to reach the other end of the rope to head up to Damocles rift via the impromptu knot pass on a pull through. Fortunately the second pull through now has an in-situ rope on allowing us to get all the way to the top. We got back out in good time and after Jethro de-rigged we ran back to the car through the snow and didn’t fall over or push each other over at all… A fun little trip followed by a pint in the Cheddar Cheese. Amazeballs.