At 6 o’clock, me, Tom and Mark departed to Eyam to go to the ever popular shoulder height cave of Carlswark in search of new passage.

The dig is close to dynamite chamber and is a continued project from James and co, first tom and Chris took up the job and now its mostly me and Tom who have visited the hole a few times since I joined. Today we had convinced Mark, one of the new members to join us, promising a night full of fun, he was just glad we weren’t entering through flower pot.

Shockingly the night actually was good fun, with a Darren drum speaker system playing hits of the 80s and 90s and the extra company definitely improved things, with one person digging while the other two chatted and dragged a bucket every so often then switched roles.

To further progress the dig we were also damming the water coming from the big dig and releasing it like ents to flood the dig with torrents in hope that it might wash away some of the filth but has the issue that it floods the dig with cold water effectively ending the dig for the day

The system was rather inefficient with only 5 buckets getting done over about 3 hours but a wall of sandbags(Kindly donated by Henry) has been built by the side of the passage to store the waste from the dig allowing us to make better progress in future (which we took to calling the Wonderwall thanks to the lilting tones of a certain pair of Gallaghers) and really the trip felt more like a social than anything else.


Anyway after that fun night the dig should become more active with weekly visits, hopefully on either Monday or Tuesday and with a better playlist with inspiring digging tunes to work too, any help will be welcome, just talk to me or tom at the pub about it.