Following my wonderful excursion with Glen and a few freshers a week ago, on Thursday (25th) I had arranged to go caving with Neil and Henry. It started as a typically faff filled day. Running 20 minutes (more like 40!) late, we had a relaxed chat about what we were going to do. Ropes packed and trip sorted we set off. Dr Neil’s car drove along some roads that frightened me. We parked up, got changed and set out for Titan.

A short walk to the entrance, we zipped down`Henry’s dry rope (:s) and popped down Titan on very thin rope (squeaky bum time!). We then faffed around for quite a while helping Henry move a pump along Stemple Highway. We then proceeded (minus a Henry) to White River. There was some sightly unpleasant crawling and duck. This popped us out eventually into Speedwell where it was wet. Really quite wet. Though the ladder experience has been improved immensely with that concrete block. Speaking of Blocks, Block Hall was next.

At this point my pleurisy got the better of me (it’s really hard to crawl with it!) and so we decided that the Moose trap was a bit ambitious. I also had a light failure and back up battery fail so I borrowed Neil’s Pixa 3 instead of carrying on with my Tikka. Leaving the ropes at the bottom of the hall we went up… to the crawl. Oh goody. That was painful and much more unpleasant than I remember. We got to white river after much swearing on my part and looked at some pretty stuff off to the left up that climb before zipping along to see some of the real pretty stuff. It was then time to head back out. We had a very nice meal that Neil had packed (I may do this in future – it is a very civilised way to cave).

Powering our way back we stamped, crawled and wriggled our way to the bottom of Titan. Now only to Prussic up… Ughhh.

I got lost getting back t’car. Was thoroughly broken.