Another year, another awesome freshers weekend!

The date was set for 5th – 7th October, again at the NPC caving hut. Upon arrival, I was greeted with the familiar old faces of the usual SUSS lovelies, along with 16 new (hopefully) converts to the caving world!

The Sam and Dave love story was in full flow as shown by pictures:

Rostam excelled himself by squeezing into the smallest wetsuit on the planet, that Jeff once claims to have worn.

The freshers were loving the hilarity of this event and got involved too. Some slender specimens managed to slip right into said wetsuit, making Rostam look like a Rhino exiting a goat. Motorbike Dave found the wetsuit even harder than Rostam and put up a fierce struggle when we tried to move him into the shower to ease its removal!

Songs were sung and beer was drank!

Saturday caving involved a nice big group of us popping down Notts 2. An interesting entrance climb down scaff into a nice pretty streamway was the order of the day.

We popped into the new stuff and exited for tea and cake in Inglesport before heading to the hut for more tea and an actual tea courtesy of MUSCy Ben (I don’t think SUSSy Ben really works as well).

Let the games commence! I can’t really remember the order of events but some games played, to name a few, were the pan and sling game, the other 1 man sling game, forward roll on a chair, the chair curl to pick up some paper with your mouth, THE SQUEEZE MACHINE, an epic game of Spoons of which Dr Sloan is still the undefeated big daddy and a new exciting variation on the classic table traversing. Needless to say, more injuries were sustained during these games than during a days caving!

Sunday bought glorious weather and my questioning of why we go caving at all when the weather is so nice! Another new cave to add to my list was Sunset hole; a nice active stream cave with some fruity climbs down waterfalls and nosebleeds a plenty. After this we ambled over to Great Douk, another cave new to my list!

Walking back after some mild racism / flirting from Dave, Jeff recounted the numerous stories from the old SUSS hut (an old railway carriage in the back garden of a pub).

Smashing weekend of fun and frollicks and I hope everyone else had asmuch fun as I did!

Anyhow, back to my battered cornflakes, battered pizza and heroin.