Not G as in ‘Gangsta’ but G as in ‘not J’ as we decided upon a trip down Gingling, not its popular (slightly unworthwhile) little brother Jingling.

Evil Jeff had organized a weekend of harder trips / lesser performed trips up in the Dales and there was a good contingent of old’uns (Me and Tom1 are apparently adults now… !) and little Sam in tow. Jeff, Brendan M, Czech Charlotte and female Sam (not Sam Goodyear although I could comprehend how he could be mistaken for a girl) went down Penyghent Pot.

Hearing good things from NFTFH Gingling was decided on for me, T1 and Sam BadMonth.

After a bit of hunting for the entrance we found it (keeping Toms record of having never not found an entrance). Very pretty stream passage, all rather straightforward until we took the Big Pitch route. Rostam didn’t make the weekend due to the shits which was a shame but we were all thinking of our Führer when one of the penultimate pitch heads was a little snug even for us three slender specimens…

The last pitch was a 60m shaft down to a sadly disappointing sump. I was expecting the grandeur of the last pitch in Aquamole or something similar but hey ho, we’d completed apparently one of the deepest caves in the Dales.

Cracking day out!

The Sunday bought a mass exchange trip down Shrapnel Pot and Hammer Pot and to our amusement there was a brolly at the bottom of the main shaft which we all took great pleasure in standing under in the waterfall.

Very good weekend of caving and….





Scottish Chris