Having not done a decent SRT trip for far too long a stringy trip with some UBSS (mainly all originally from Sheffield / Manchester anyway…) was decided upon by my faithful assistant Tom1. Also present on SUSS team was Speedy Mackrill, Dr Neil, Nearly White Nearly Dr Rostam and Forgetful Edd. The UBSS team were harboring an imposter in the form of our very own hero Motorbike Dave and were to de-rig the Ride of the Valkyries (suckers…). After an uneventful whip down JH and fun wet ascent up Calcite aven, we had a poke down Wesetern Highway, enjoying the engineering of the sandbag steps that you’d expect from Henry.


 We young Valkyrie Sisters then rode the Ritt der Walküren to victory and gathered in Salmons Cavern in preparation for the transportation of fallen heroes to Valhalla (Wikipedia et al, 2012). We staggered the exiting from JH with Mackrill and Neil leaving first, Black Rostam and Edd leaving second and the Valkyrie Sisters leaving last as we went to the bottom of Titan and performed Die Walküre in the heavenly acoustics, then popped to main sump. We popped back out of JH just reaching the entrance pitch whilst the others were exiting.

A truly operatic trip if one does say so oneself!


The Sunday comprised of ‘climbing’ in the glorious warm sunshine and snow.