On Thursday 27th October i threw a caver Halloween party. Not everybody turned up because some of the older members preferred to go to the pub and be boring. Non the less we had a fantastic time anyway! i took a long time to get ready because i didn’t know what to dress as and still ended up changing twice throughout the evening. lol.

Not everyone dressed up but the people that did put in a really good effort. Denise was a mimer which looked pretty cool. My friend Luke who isn’t a caver was dressed as a character from south park. George of the jungle was supposed t be a nutty professor but i think he looked a little like he was in the Mafia. lol.

i had bought some Halloween balloons from the 99p store and as predicted they weren’t the best of quality. they would randomly explode without even touching them which brought a little excitement to the evening. Oh yeah, Tom 1 and Alisa cared some pumpkins which looked pretty awesome. and then we tried to play some drinking games like 21 and unfortunately we didn’t get 21 that often because some people forgot how to count. As usual i was the most drunk by this point and spat out all my wine onto the floor when i started laughing.

As the evening progressed i think Tom 1 was getting a little agitated from not being underground for like a whole day, so he decided to play a game called go through the smallest gap in the chair. Unfortunately Tom didnt realise that his hips are wider then he thought and got stuck in the legs. He was in fact stuck for sometime and had many painful moment when he tried to push the chair further down. luckily after some time he managed to get out of the chair without breaking it. this was ridiculesly  funny.

All in all another successful social.

Alot mor pictures can be found on my facebook.