Saturday 29th October 2011

Much to our amusement, we did this trip while GUPA were doing the whole thing on ladders. This was another outing with Brendan to get some more rigging practice in so I went down first putting a 40m on the entrance, followed by a 60m down to the head of the in situ hand-line. Having rigged a 20m on the pitch after, I felt somewhat disappointed to find myself dangling 5m off the floor. Take-two involved a 30m and lots of faffing, giving the broad accents of GUPA time to come within earshot again. For fun, I rigged the pull-through to Pilgrim’s Way, partly to get my head around Y-hangs being upside-down, also to enjoy skiing back down the rock polished by the many many rub points. Somewhere in East Chamber we found a cool echoey tunnel which we decided to explore, then bottomed Waterfall Chamber to briefly consider getting wet with the last little section. To our even greater amusement, when we passed GUPA at the connection to New Oxlow they had ran out of ladders too early and couldn’t complete their trip, opting instead to potter about in East Chamber. To avoid any further ker-fuffle we quickly de-rigged our way out, happily without dislodging a single rock back down behind us. In: 10:45, Out: 15:00, Call Out:20:00