Saturday 8th October 2011

After getting a lift down at silly O’clock in the morning I arrived to help plan our first trip of the SWCC Ogof-fest weekend. OFD being flooded, many routes down there would be too dangerous so we opted instead to try and find Pant Mawr Pot. Rostam and I ‘lead’ the trip, Ed and Tom3 ‘seconded’, taking H and the little’uns on their first ever SRT trip in a cave. After finding our way to the cave, it turned out that these freshers knew an awful lot about SRT and so taught us how to tie a figure-of-eight, bowline, alpine butterfly and clove hitch knots as well as how to C-rig a stop and use it to life-line people down a ladder pitch. Once the freshers were done showing us all this they proceeded to act like numpties again (which for them wasn’t hard) so we could practise helping novice cavers past the various obstacles in the cave. Three boulder chokes and 45 minutes later we were at the sump at the end of the cave. Noticing a band of foam over our heads we decided it best not to linger here too long. Chris broke his leg walking in the flat passageway but luckily he got better moments later. On the way back out we took a detour into Straw Chamber to gaze upon the beautiful speleothem, and to pose for a group photo before heading back out in time for the delicious hog roast at SWCC. Call out set: 20:00, back at SWCC 17:30.