Sunday 23rd October 2011

Once again myself and Brendan set off caving for a harder rigging challenge he had devised. Handing me the kit and rigging guide he left it mostly up to me to route find and rig us the agreed route. Luckily, we were ready to set off before 3 groups from Cambridge filled the cave. Once in, I rigged Boney Pitch above Idiot’s Leap. Then instead of rigging First Pitch I climbed up and rigged the uppermost Y-hang then down to a second Y-hang which has a deviation beneath it making the rope hang in the same place as on First Pitch. Next, I rigged True Second Pitch using Brendan’s patented over hand bunny-ears knot and explored the cave from there to see up- and down-stream sumps. On the way back up we took instead a high level traverse route which I rigged. I put a Y-hang over the 10m pitch half way along the traverse making sure to include an additional point of attachment on the opposite side (around a stal) so that we could safely approach the pitch from the other side when de-rigging it later. I De-rigged True Second Pitch, then climbed up from here to the other side of the high level traverse to de-rig that too.  By this point CUCC had begun appearing from time to time making a racket belaying each other on the pitches. Then I returned to de-rig First Pitch and Boney Pitch. We surfaced to meet the first CUCC group out and waited around so we could giggle as their second group of freshers squealed getting wet in the entrance again. Call Out: 20:00, In: 10:15, Out: 13:45