Sunday 16th October 2011

With all our freshers sorted out with trips, Alisa, Scott and I rocked up here for a more advanced trip down Sidewinder route in Marble Steps. I rigged the traverse and entrance pitch with a 50m. A quick way of rigging traverses I found was to clip into the bolt, let slack through your descender and tie each knot behind you.  This worked well here but perhaps it wouldn’t work if the traverse were free-hanging. Next, Scott rigged the rest of the way to Main Chamber using a 40m+30m which he had already tied together. On the way back up I de-rigged the whole lot as Scott taught Alisa how wall walk using pantin. At the entrance we met a group from UNCC heading down  route on their freshers’ 2nd SRT trip. Call Out: 18:00, In:12:20, Out:14:50.