Sunday 11th September 2011

Arriving at 11:00 with military precision, Glen, UBSS Adam and I geared up and set off to locate the cave. Glen went in first, then me and our tackle bag took over after The Gallery. Chimneying down the keyhole extensions I heard Adam somewhat perturbed by the *DANGER* and *BIOHAZARD* signs we passed, stepping daintily to avoid tipping pebbles down the shaft on top of me. Here, you’ll find more scaffolding than cave, protecting you from 360° of hanging death. At First Climb we ignored the red rope handline poking itself down a small hole, preferring instead to follow the obvious way on to a shakey fixed ladder, later reaching Toad Haul and Wot No Sump much sooner than expected. I poked my nose up Rising Damp and Tourist Trap before heading out up the thrutchey climbs, now thoroughly dissappointed not to have found any camels to have our photo taken on… Judging by the survey afterwards, we completely bypassed Room 101 when we ignored the red rope. Our trip took a little over 2 hours, well worth a quick visit.