Sunday 28th August 2011

Naturally, after Ceilidhing and discoing till gone 5 in the morning I was up at 8 raring to go! I helped getting breakfast running then said goodbye to the SUSS 50th weekend to de-rig JH with Rostam and our new UBSS friend Cat. We slipped down, clambered over the terrifying false-floor then pottered about in The Workshop admiring the artefacts… Weeeiiiieeeeieiieeeeiieeee I said zipping down Leviathan. There we met Roy Ann and someone who were making the connection from Titan to Peak. Well, monkey see monkey do so we decided to do likewise tomorrow and picked their brains for directions and logistics. We went for a jaunt upstream to the miner’s toast then derigged JH, careful not to upset any more loose rocks in Bitch Pitch. We sang The 12 Days of Exped for our pnatenless caver to exit. It turns out jingles at this time of year do in fact make it rain!