With Chris’ ever so subtle dig that I need to put some piccies up of the Mendip weekend – I thought I had better put up some of the piccies.

Much to my disappointment Oscar had cut out at a junction in Sheffield, and so we all jumped into Edd’s Auto and headed down South. We had a hearty welcome on our arrival, and got well stuck into playing catch up! We managed to catch up and overtake, enjoying dancing on the Belfry table with glowsticks and MadPhils disco tunes till gone 4am…See the pictures for proof.

The next morning some of us didn’t look quite as bright as usual, but we all were fed and underground by about 10am – impressive I reckon… St Cuthberts was a short but mighty sweet cave, with some pretties and impressive chambers. We were out by 2 – that’s why you don’t go caving so early! So we sat enjoying the sunshine, chopping wood and generally lazing about. By the time everyone else had returned from their respective trips I was almightily bored…so I pestered Emma Battenburg, Milky Matt, Jonny and Ed Blows to go to Longwood.

All was going swimmingly as we put on our wet caving gear in the dark, got the key and headed into the woods. We began on the fiddly job of sorting the lock out – but Emma had jinxed us…last time she had broken the lock, this time we just couldn’t get in. Turns out Slug had given us the wrong key – so off we trotted home, following the scent of Edd’s stew. It was perfect timing- as it was about to be dished up. As lovely as Edd’s stew was – the pancakes definitely beat it. They were made all the better with Ed and Jonnys pancake-off – which wasn’t quite as spectacular as I had expected.

We nearly had to roll to the pub, but it was well worth it although last orders were called all-too-soon and we had to return to the Belfry for a typical post-pub mash up. There wasn’t any glow-stick, disco dancing this night; but there were pancakes at 2am and a multitude of ridiculous games. I think we managed to get 8/9 people in a 120cm sling!

The next morning came round and I was up and cooking brekky before anyone had even stirred. Myself, Jinni, Emma, Milky had cooked up the idea of 3 caves before 3pm – alas it was not to be. Despite having delivered them left-over breakfast in bed and jumping on them several times, they were not having any of it. In the end myself and Milky abandoned all hope and disappeared off down Eastwater – managing to do 13pots and the round trip thing in less than 50mins. It was an awesome trip. After a second attempt at persuading the lazy Cardiff lot, we disappeared for take-two of Longwood trip.


Our speed-trip ended up taking a couple of Reading people round Longwood-August, and I think they really enjoyed it! Worried that I was going to miss my lift with Edd, we hurried back to the Belfry – thankfully the auto was still parked up…and an hour later we departed for the safety of the steel.

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