by Henry Rockliff

Well at long last we have made it back with a teem of 7 of use (a bit all or nothing) .

The first thing we did was to take an altimeter to the point were the fill was first dug out all those years ago the meter was not calibrated but read 7-8m only reads to the nearest meter but it was 7 most of the time a 8 some of the time at the deepest point it read 2m (just for interest) then at the dig face it read 7-8m again (so it cant be far can it?)

At the end of the dig there was quite a bit of air space over the fill and it was possible to see a fair way (3-4m) so we thought that the time might have come to have a little ferret but continue to take the spoil all the way out. the air at the end of the ferret fun was frankly unbreathable before long (as predicted) but with a bit of the pipe from higher up the air system and the original hand wind fan from India (unused for 3 years and still fine, good job i never got round to taking it out) digging continued

one slightly hairy moment came when the digger realised he had dug himself in and could not get out the fan winder could not stop winding or the digger gets in a right panic and we had to wait for some minutes before some one came to take over the fan so the digger could be recovered.

we all left very tired with splitting head aches after some 7m progress and made a very slow exit i for one did not enjoy de-rigging with a croll that refused to grip and no foot jammer.

the good news is the fill is up to the roof and so we could get a draft at any point again.

role on the next digging trip.