By Imo

Its cold out there at Monyash – really cold. Ian’s (my housemate) car was reading about –16C but we think maybe –10C. Anyway the snow was really crystallising on the surface. My feet were frozen by the entrance.

Tom1 and I discussed options. The knotlow-hillocks trip involves quite a lot of subterranean water – this meant that walking back to the car would be deeo freeze territory!! Hmmmm – lets not do that then.

The entrances were defrosted and opening the hatch showed volumes of light warm misty air. No need for the de-icer spray I’d bought then.

We headed down. Tom1 rigged and I followed coaching Ian a bit on the re-belays. Was really impressed by the passage at the bottom, but we found the rope we’d rigged down the main engine shaft was too short by about 5 meters and so could not ascend that way.

Headed out the way we’d come – Personally found it quite cold and found the full face peruvian face balaclava worked a treat!

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