By Ellie

On Saturday me, Big Jim, Mike and John from EPC went on an epic caving trip.

Our plan was to go down Moose trap. So early in the morning we set off. Bit of breakfast eating in the tsg and we were off to rowter farm. Down JH, into Speedwell streamway (which had rediculously high water), up Block hall through a squeeze and into White River.

Was rather impressive. Stals all over the ceiling and lots of flowstone. Even some bat bones. And vry cold, as Mike pointed out. We then went down Moose trap but as Mike was rigging it he ran out of rope so I didnt go down the final pitch. We were all getting quite cold so headed back out.

I would like to go to White River again and take some photos, so if anyone fancies a trip, maybe a through trip and go out peak?