by Ellie

So, why are there no marine insects…nah, lets go caving

Winnat’s Head pitches

After consulting the rigging guide me and Rosie decided to go and do the pitches in Winnats because Rosie hadn’t done them before. Collected some rope and off we went. It was quite a cold day so Rosie packed the rope into tackle sacks in the car whilst I went to get permission from the farmer-scary times!

Short walk to the cave and onwards through the boulder chokes- quite tiring with two heavy tackle bags. Squalid crawl through the tight, wet passage next to the first sump and we were on our way up to the next pitches. These we did fast as we could as it was very wet and we were starting to get cold.

Coming back out the boulder choke seemed faster, through Fox Chamber, the next boulder choke and soon it was the entrance crawl. Tired and achey we finally smelt the outside.

As soon as we left the shelter of the cave entrance we were hit by strong winds and rain. This was not going to be fun getting changed in. At the car we took all outer layers off then into the car to put clothes on.

“I’m stripping, dont look” “I’m stripping too”

Getting dressed in warm car…definately the way forward!

Warm and dry with a quick scout about for any forgotton effects and we were on our way home. Fab trip Rosie :-)

Mandale Mine

Brendan, Jen, Liz, Liz’s brother and me all went to Mandale Mine. On our way to the cave we passed multiple men with guns, one carrying about 10 dead pheasents round his belt. Spannered the entrance gate open and in we were. Crawling and walking passage which was very dry today. There were two really cool traverses across huge pools of deep blue water. I had to throw a rock in-which was fun and made a cool sound. Loads of cool stuff to see, tiny gour pools, cave pearls, really awesome ceilings, stals growing from roots and silvery moths.

Twas a great trip. Have to go back with my camera.

By Ellie