By Ellie

Mission: to find the pretties in Aggy

On a lovely sunny morning me, Sema, Mike, Tom1, Pointy Tom and Chris went to Agen Allwedd. We crawled through the entrance and signed the log book. At the first boulder choke:

“have you got the laminated survey?” “no, I thought Mike had it” “no, I haven’t got it either, I thought Ellie had it”

Very well prepared we were. But luckily Mike had taken a picture of the survey on his camera so we had to use that. We managed to get through and eventually into the main streamway were we took some photos and then decided to go back and explore the mud flats.

On the way back we sopped at a food dump which was on top of a slope of mud to satisfy our stomachs. Using the welly water we made a slide going down which was very fun.

Walking to the end of the mud flats passage took about 20 minutes. There were some awesome crystals growing out of some of them.

Finally it was time to head back home, with tummys rumbling we were in need of food!

A very civilised supper took place, where we moved the tables and chairs and sat outside eating lovely pasta Rosie cooked. Conversation was funny- learning about Sema’s and Alisa’s school life, with no mention of caving! We walked to the end of the lane to catch the sunset but unfortunately it wasn’t as good as the one on Friday night which was stunning. The evening was entertaining, Rostam singing Queen and cave songs is not to be missed.

Craig A Ffynnon

After taking a wrong turn and ending up at someones house we got to the layby for Craig A Ffynnon. Just 5 minutes in, after going through the entrance crawl we came upon some amazing straws covering the ceiling. Through some mud and some water and up a few ladders we carried on walking between the tape and admiring how pretty the cave was.

A rift climb led us to the second boulder choke, which, like the description (which we remembered this time) said, was very arduous. We walked through the passage past more pretty stuff and through some very squelchy deep mud to the Hall of the Mountain Kings. It was awesome. After looking round for a few minutes we carried on through the 250m crawl. A little way in Tom farted which wasn’t the most pleasant of smells!

After the crawl and going through a bit of passage we got to more massive boulder chokes and went down a little climb through a horrible tight crawl in order to try and find helictite passage. But everywhere we looked we couldn’t find the way on so we decided to start heading back and do some photogay on the way.

The second boulder choke was much easier coming down, as you just slid most of the way because of all the mud we were covered in. Coming out seemed much faster so before we knew it we were outside again. Shame it was raining.

Driving back we nearly ran over a squirrel. Chris in the front seat: “Oh no, shit, theres a squirrel! Nooo the squirrel” but fortunately it ran off into the verge after realising it probably couldn’t outrun the car on the road.

(Photos to follow when i can upload them, alternatively just look on facebook)