Every year at the annual dinner, awards are given for the silly antics that club members have got up to…Me and Mike racked our brains, and here is a round-up of what was given…

Good Housekeeping Award –  Dave Harley& Clare Youens

Pissing up leads Award – Tim Webber

Picked up by Poles Award – Chris Playfoot

Hole in one Award – Chris Chapman

Vomit Girl Award – Denise Chandler

Complete State Award – Jane Rigby

Sharking Award – Dave Mothersole

Sharkbait Award – Ellie Sharples

Idiot Leap Award – Liz Harding

The Lost Trousers Award – Squirrel

Pindale Pusher Award – Dan Sullivan

Wrist Reocovery Award – Mel Lambert

Navigational Numpty Award – Hannah Moulton

How not to wear a helmet Award – Tom Smith

Its a white van, honest Award- Rob Middleton

Bearded Caver Award – Chris Busu

Ninja ‘Nitter Award – Alisa Duncan

Matlock Miner Award – Sally Allsop

Motormouth Award – Edd Willatts

Tremendous Tractor Award – Jeff Wade + Rary

Too much morph, too little caving Award – Rostam Namaghi

Member Mutilation Award – Martyn Grayson

Dr Sloan I – Brendan Sloan

Dr Sloan II – Jen Sloan

Give me a good tug Award – Glen Sankey

BCA (Best Caving Animal) Award – Rob Eavis, Katie Dent & Bounce

Golden P-bolt Award – The Turbary Pot Team

CAM you put it up here Award – Samuel Stringer

Ask for explanations….