A Chairperson’s perspective by Tom1

SUSS Annual Dinner 2010

Another year gone another rare opportunity to see cavers all poshed up. or at least some of them. This years annual dinner went off without a hitch, or a rescue. We can all thank the no longer secretary Rosie for a truly wonderful weekend. With the majority of the student SUSS plus a few others going up on the friday night this gave us the opportunity to get some good caving in on the saturday with several trips going to some exciting places. A wet swim and wander down White scar for some or a tough but rewarding Large-Rift through trip for others (didn’t even need directions to find the entrance, thankfully. my fault.). By the evening we were all nice and hungry and eventually got up the motivation to get properly dressed and head off to the Masons Arms for the meal

On getting to the pub we had our free first drink, nothing quite like a free beer, and started to rearrange the tables like we owned the place. After much talking and merriment the starters arrived and we dug in. When it was discovered that there was an entire extra meal on offer as someone hadn’t been able to come and it was to be auctioned off in parts I didn’t hesitate to put a bid in for seconds. The rest of the meal went down easily despite everything seeming to be served with fruit salad, must have been on offer.

Following further beers and jabbering it was time for the talk curtsey of Mad Phil. It took a little longer than expected to work out how to turn on the projector, probably due to the beer. A few of the pictures probably left Jeff feeling a little embarrassed but I’m sure he got over it quite quickly. Then before heading back to the hut for the gear auction it was time for the condiment race…

Those taking part were any of the students who hadn’t done it before. This included me, damn. the selected items were: Ketchup, brown sauce, mayo, mustard, salad cream and tartar sauce. I can tell you for a fact that although you may think the mustard sounds the worst, the tartar sauce was far far worse, lumpy and leaving an after taste for an unpleasant amount of time.  Squirrel emerged as champion, I was foiled by an unexpectedly tough mayo sachet and well this is what Chris Playfoot did.

We returned to the hut and proceeded with the awards and gear auction. much was bought helped along by Mad Phil making bids for people, especialy Martyn. more than £250 was raised for the crete expedition which is awesome. the evening then descended into the usual antics and silly games some of which I will never be trying again.

Eventually Sunday happened and some more caving. before it was time to return to the real world once again. A few of us went via the curry house in Bradford which rounded off the weekend quite nicely. Although not as rowdy as the previous year, I would say that was entirely because of the sheer quantity and quality of the meal, it has left a lot to be lived up to by the new committee. A tall order but I’m sure we’ll make it something as memorable as this one.