By Ellie and Rosie (sat at this very minute in the belfry with a nice fire going)

So we found out that the Belfry has interweb – so thought we would update you with the amazing trip that we did today!

We finally all arrived in Summmurset by 11am today (rosie having got severely delayed by a horrendous hangover induced by the new SUSS chairman’s amazing drinking games!)

The previous night I (ellie) had been told about priddy green sink from ‘worm guy’. All I was told was that there was loads of cow/goat poo and someone went down and got their boobs stuck, so wasn’t too sure what to expect but it proved to be awesome.

Off we toddled to Priddy Green Sink, talking to some rather bemused tourists who proceeded to take photos of us as we descended down the ladder. Me and Ellie were rather warm in our lovely pvc as we went through clitoris crawl, continuing through various tight bits to the pitch series and to El crapitan. Ellie managed to do the splits at the top of a pitch – it was awesome to watch, apparently it was much easier with two legs in the same direction.

I (ellie) did my first bit of rigging on two of the pull throughs…No one died! So a big success :D

ultra-speedy bag packing, look at Rosie go!

We found many a cave creature on our explorations underground. A NEW SPECIES!!!! of mosquito, we have now therefore lived up to our roles as biologists. Also a hirudinoidea (look that up!!!), but we didnt give him any blood.

We had entered Swildon’s – so after stomping along the streamway and trying to climb over the water (watching Ellie poised above the water was cool!) we headed up Blue Pencil. Ellie seemed to like that quite a lot.

Time for the Troubles…Edd thought the water levels were far lower than they actually were…after much huffing and puffing we decided to go on our backs. First Edd, then Bag 1, then Bag 2, then Ellie, and finally Rosie (all with the appropiate calls!)

After the excitement of seeing the Wookey Hole sign, we headed through Ellie’s first proper sump (it had also been mine and Edd’s debut sump – what a quality place!) Edd wasn’t appreciating not having a wetsuit, so we blitzed it back up the streamway towards the 20.Climbing up all of the waterfalls was very fun.

Lots of pretties passed, and much fun was had as we exited (although we managed to go out the long dry way, not the short dry way….it was pretty-ish  though)

Climbing up the new exit (which has moved quite a lot!) we were out before dark and off to the Hunters for a hearty meal with a beer to top it off.

More fun adventures to follow…