By Lorrie

After the arrival of Andy and Sally, the adventure began for James Rhodes, Tom1, Alisa and me. First major challenge was getting round the confusion of having to change in a a bird dropping palace (a barn). Apparently getting naked by the side of the road was not to be done down south. Once that was conquered we made our way to an entrance of Swildon.

It was so hot inside the squeezy cave, like someone had installed some radiators. But all was forgotton as we looked at the beauty of ’santa’s grotto’. We were lucky enough to be getting a personalised tour by Sally and not risk getting lost through the different passages. Next we were led to the stream way, where clambering up and down waterfalls would become second nature by the end of the trip. After hopping down the ladder through the waterfall, we headed to the beast that goes by the name of Sump One.

Here Andy was nominated to take the brave step of being the first to free dive the sump. Andy survived. After a few unfortunate events of head bangs and false starts we all made it through. A brief stop was taken to calm my ecstatic giggling, and others for to warm up after the freezing water that made us gasp like goldfish.

Round a few corners, past the road sign, under some ducks, our prize a waited! THE SLIDE! We crawled to the top of a steep, slippy, slope. Alisa, in her PVC suit, got a lovely present off Tom1 of him pouring his wellie boot water down the slope before her go. It gave her an Olympic winning speed sliding back down.

Time to go back through a slightly different way to get more of an adventure. Suddenly a scream was heard. A cave monster launched from above our heads… naughty Tom1 messing around, hiding in the dark. His smugness at managing to scare was clouded by the fact that having his feet in the air had poured his wellie water back down inside his own suit.

Finally, after a scramble up a climb, we spied day light. We all wondered back, wishing we could get naked out in the warm sun rather than the compulsary barn.