By Imo

I’ve never really been to Bagshawe  before, due to the £4 entrance fee, which put me off in the past.

The access fee is now a reasonable £2, and so I tried Bagshawe for the first time on Sunday with Pippa, which was my first trip there, ever. On Sunday, we managed to navigate  through parts of the Upper Series and down into the glory hole, using two slighly different surveys. It was a quick 2 hour trip and I’d ticked off that part of the cave pretty much.

On Wednesday night I was meant to be leading a freshers trip, with Alisa.  Alas! We couldn’t find anyone to come along who owns a car and was prepared to drive some freshers to their first trip….:-(

So Alisa and I went caving anyway in my 2 seater van. We ended up at Bagshawe again, mostly because I’m trying to learn the cave, so I can have it on my LCLA ticket.

So,   I aimed to explore the Lower series this time. We laddered down the Dungeon and went through the water, in fact we waded through several pools of water, but were never quite sure if we’d reached ‘The Lake’. The water was absolutely freezing, and it numbs your ‘bits’ let me tell you!!! We completed one mini loop at one place in the cave. But with time running out we had to abandon our explorations, just when the cave was looking very interesting too.

All in all I’m surprised with how good this cave is! There is a lot of potential for some great great fun trips and I hope to get to know the system much better. Still so much for me to see down there!