By Ellie

Yesterday me, Dave, Mike, Lorrie and Liz went on an adventure to water icicle. After parking up where Mike thought the cave was (by some trees on the right), and getting changed we all headed up the lane for a bit and into a field. All of a sudden in the beam of our lights we spotted the entrance- yay we didn’t get lost, all good so far! Well, all good besides Mike forgetting his helmet.

When we were all down the pitch we went off to explore the three passages. Quite surprised at one of them, it was bigger than I expected. The one with lots of mud was fun to squelch about in.

Collecting the daren drums we went off into the larger of the passages to take some photos, all the while casting our eyes over the collection of weird things down there.

Me and Mike took some photos, while we got the others to model. I increased my want to get kitted out to do more photography underground, and then it was time to head back.

Dave went first as he had the car keys, then Mike. As we were waiting at the bottom we were quite shocked when a hand jammer fell from the sky, Lorrie probably more so when it fell onto her helmet.

After checking she was ok and attaching the hand jammer to my harness to return to Mike we went about fixing Lorrie’s light. In the time it took Liz to prusik up she managed to fix it and was then on her way.

As I was nearing the top of the pitch it sounded like they were having fun: laughing and being generally hyper. When I was out and the rope was coiled Mike gave me a demonstration of the teddy bear dance, of which we all tried on our way back to the car.

In the time it had taken us all to get out Dave had gone to the car and driven it a bit closer to us which we were initially grateful for. He then went on to tell us that all the while we had been caving the car keys were left in the lock- good job there were no burglars out that night.

When we were all in the car, nice and warm it was time to go home. But oh no, not yet!

The car got grounded. Pushing it out of the mud was actually quite fun; Mike came out the worse being splattered in mud.

We were finally moving and on our way home. We saw a fox running across the road, followed very closely by a rabbit…I hope the rabbits ok. Then another fox a bit later on, which was cool to see.

Finally got home at 1am, definitely time for bed!