Journey into the Mines of  Knotlow-Hillocks (not moria)

by Tom1

Having spent many a day in training and contemplation since their last adventure our two brave young boys decided they were ready to take the next step on their journey towards mastery of all things caving. this time their challenge lay down the mines of Knotlow the nasty and Hillocks the horrible a place that had already defeated them once when they had been accompanied by more seasoned adventurers Mike and Glen. But now the pair were much bolder and were adamant  they could do it alone…

Late into the morn the pair met at the Chapel, owned by an odd clan of cavers who go by the name of the TSG,  where all the local adventurers are apt to gather for fun and frivolities. From here our two protagonists set out in their ever faithful steed and beats of burden Tony towards the remote hamlet of Monyash, a seemingly peaceful place but beneath lies a whole other world of darkness and mystery.

On arriving the pair dismounted and donned their armoured suits made of finest cordura and their weapons of choice a rack, brutal to long pitches, for one and a stop, to fend off any hard rigging, for the other. However after a cry of “Oh Bugger!” Chris found out that after the consumption of perhaps a little too much ale the day before, though this is debatable whether you can really have too much ale for it is very tasty indeed, had resulted in Tom forgetting his neoprene socks. But not to be deterred, even by cold feet which is not very nice, they made the final preparations.  They then left their stallion near the shelter of an old stone barn and made their way to the head of Knotlow to make good their escape route, for this was a key part in the strategy to tackle the mines.

When they reached the entrance to Hillocks the two of them had to fight with the two stiff rusty nuts keeping the way down closed. but after a lot of twisting stamping and brute force our adventurers triumphed. They descended into the darkness. after regrouping at the bottom of the rope they set off in search of Mecccano passage where they were previously defeated. At first the two of them missed the turning but soon realised their mistake for they had become wise to the mines tricks since they were last there and quickly found the way through. Meccano passage tested the nerves of the intrepid explorers with tight passage no larger than the girth of a barrel of beer and half full of water cold as the North Sea but they were indomitable and overcame their misgivings about the path ahead of them. Not long after they clambered through to find the rope they had set as their way out dangling in front of their faces.

Huzzar they had made it. Another milestone in their quest. The victorious duo retrieved their rope and returned to the village of Monyash for hot chocolate and scones, pant-less, for dry underwear is for wimps and those stuck in polite society (and in Tom’s case sock-less too) but satisfied at what they had accomplished. now they would plan where their adventures would take them next…

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