by Edd

I’ve wanted to learn rescue techniques for a long while and with a day off, and having nipped to the shops for Rob2’s beers, the deal was done.

We went for a dangle in Horseshoe Quarry starting from trying to haul Rob on the rope with nothing and progressing through counterbalancing and introducing more and more pulleys and all that jazz. With Rob weighing 90+ kg and me weighing 60- kg there was a lot of jazz.

We finished with Rob doing a mid-rope rescue past a re-belay. Suspending from 20m up from Rob’s groin was unnerving. Bizarrely suspending my 90kg ballast whilst doing the same was fine*.

Rob2’s talking about running evening midweek rescue practices at Mark Wright’s tower. I’m certainly interested in getting more practice – anyone else?

*Rob may have pulled himself up a little when I released his Croll to save time