After leaving at about 2.15 for our 1 o’clock trip we arrived at p8 to find the car park rather full of snow we finally managed to park just down the road. In the process of getting changed Sam discovered that he had forgotten his helmet. We all had a good laugh at him, then shortly after I discovered I had also forgotten my helmet. I really did feel a bit of a tool. This put the trip on hold while we decided to go to the TSG to look for a spare helmet. Shortly after setting off something departed the roof of the car. It was Ali’s phone. After recovering the phone and finding it surprisingly intact, though unfortunately no longer fully functional, we got to the TSG and fortunately found a helmet. We returned to where we parked the car and got kitted up. It was at this point we discovered Ali had forgotten the rigging kit. We managed to gather together enough krabs to get us down. We set off through the snow to the cave. We got there to find the entrance largely covered by a sheet of ice which we then had to enlarge to get in. once underground it was a really good trip with no more problems. So the fresher was the only one not to cock up in some way. On asking how she felt at the end of the trip Ellie’s response was “There’s still time.”

By Tom 1