by Rosie

Suss will once again be heading to the White Mountains of Crete to find new caves! The expedition will be running from 5-18th July.

There will be a training weekend on 14th May weekend (also Rosie’s birthday)

SUSS first went to Crete in the 80s and found lots of amazing caves in the White Mountains. We have returned there in 2006, 2008 and 2009 and found a cave which went to -554m….and made it national news!

Next year we are hoping to go to a new area, and find lots more caves…

The expedition is open to all SUSS members, and we are going to be doing lots of training….so don’t worry if you don’t feel you have much experience – by the end of it you sure will! The more people we get to come, the more caves we find, and the more fun we have!

Ok, so what next….
Firstly, email R9sie if you are interested…you don’t have to commit, but we need to get an idea of numbers. Also, if it will be your first expedition, we may be able to get grants to help you pay for the exped.

Secondly, we will be having a presentation about the exped at the start of next term – so look out for emails about that.

Thirdly, get caving lots! It’s the best way to get prepared for a summer of fun.

The Expedition Commitee is as follows:

Rob2 is Expedition Leader r-middletonat)
Rosie is secretary,
Hannah is kit officer
Ali is treasurer
Steve is training officer