By Andy Chapman

Because it was half term, me, Jon and Jams decided to book loads of holiday and go digging in a practice for the “Mini Credit Crunch” exped in June.
A massive push up Waterfall Hole was planned with the intention of aid climbing Great Gunn’s rift without getting clouted by any large boulders. Set off into Waterfall Hole, through the pool of festering filth, which had become quite dry, meaning the putrid liquid had become concentrated and smelt even more rancid. Down the pitch and into Main Chamber. Because, Waterfall is a routefinding nightmare, we spent a good 15 minutes looking round for the passage and when we did, we discovered the onwards passage was choked full of silt.
“Where’s the entrenching tool?”
“Back at the car, you said we wouldn’t need it!!”
Plan 2: Down to Jim’s bit via a sketchy insitu handline and a large step across a gaping hole into a tight and filthy crawl. Got muddy, looked at it, got cold…..get out.
“Anyone u for the Miners??”

Day 2: Waterfall Hole.
In the layby:
“Anyone fancy this??”
“Not sure”
“Lets go to the chip shop”
“I know, we’ve got a load of snappers, lets blow that rift in Dynamite Series”
“Yeah, but chip shop first”
Whilst Jams was drilling and setting up some explosives, me and the Pemberton decided to have a look at Final Aven. Not easy to get there, squeezed through a tight passage and ended up in the final aven, draughting a bit but no way on hmmmmmmmm.
“You coming through Jon?”
“What’s up there?”
“Err, the final aven with no way on”
Anyway, got back and the rift was looking good, me and Jon squeezed through and looked up, no bloody way on. Another project fizzled out and the end of our mini exped!!
Still, the dig near Dynamite Chamber is looking promising, we’ve even set up a series of little dams to funnel the stream away from the dig face so we don’t have to lie in a foot of cold water to dig. Plenty of stuff out there to do!! If you feel the need to come and help, just ask. Well it’s either us or Pindale!!