By Andy
After much deliberation, the Middleton Massif (The 2nd hardest Pemberton, James, the Mighty Brown and myself) decided to have a quick look down Watergrove Sough. After locating and Jon almost  destroying the little tin hut which covers the entrance, we descended into the mining level. After about 30 seconds of hands and knees crawling, I was beginning to doubt the wisdom of wearing a wetsuit, then it got a bit deeper!!

After about 40 metres, Jon found the first duck. “Not sure I fancy this Jon” as I saw his light disappear round the corner. However, in the words of Chopper Reid, I hardened the frink up and pushed on only to discover a duck with even less airspace a few metres on. I was in the zone now and shot straight through this, with no regard for personal safety or hygiene. However, this temporary double hardness was short lived by the time we reached the end and I was shivering quite badly. A quick look at the choke in the end and Chopper’s inspiring words reveberated through my head as we sped towards the entrance shaft and daylight.
A pretty awesome trip and all caught on camera by Rhodes!!