By Henry Rockcliff

4 people from york uni cc, tsg and sheff uni ss, went to western highway
on the 3rd of may. Rigged in titan (sad though it is i can now tie the knots in the ropes
in the right place as i pack them so rigging is very quick).

We dug 56 bukets of mud and generated some staking space by filling lots of sand bags. the good if not brillant news is the the tide appears to have turned and we are digging up hill !!!! :-) the beds in the sediment have turned up too so i think it is more than just an air bell.

after this we headed out in two groups and derigged

the battery power air seems good enough and we only used about half the batterys i took in.

thanks to

tom 2 suss, thomas tsg, kevin york uni cc,

see you all next time