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Caving in France – Basically Derbyshire

12/09/20 I had been in France for a couple of weeks I was itching to get caving. My contact in the GSSF (local caving club) texted to tell me that there was a trip happening. It was on. The details were sparse; just a time, a location in a small village in the middle of […]

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Berger and chips, please.

Friday 28th Jun The ‘holiday’ couldn’t have come fast enough. Distraught over exam failings, I was ready to pack up and go. I packed all the stuff I had in the world into the SUSS hut and was ready to leave. I use the word ready very, very loosely. I was to travel down with […]

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Dent de Crolles 2002

The highlight of this year was the combined SUSS/SWCC trip to the Chatreuse region of France where we caved in the Dent de Crolles system. Lots of trips were done, the highlight being a 9 hour through trip from the Grotte Chevalier to the Guirre Mort ( an underground trip through the mountain) and the […]