What is a leader?

Leaders are members of our club trained to take Freshers on caving trips. Listed below are all the members of our club who have been signed off as leaders. You can therefore ask any of them if they would be so kind as to take you on a caving trip. If you do not have the contact details for any leaders trips can be arranged in the pub or via the Yahoo group.  Freshers are not permitted to go on trips without a leader and capable second present.

What is a second?

A second is a person who is capable of caving independently and responsibly. To become a second a member must have signed our General Practice Guidelines (GPGs).

Full Leaders

 Leo Bradley

Rob Middleton

 Will Whalley

 Jack Dewison

Michael Holliday

Michael Woodward (Jreg)

David Botcherby

Jethro Pryke

Dave Cattell

Craig Hamer

Glen Sankey

 Rachael Rix

Corin Donne

Louise Baddeley

Olly Hall

Helen Fairclough

Brendan Sloan

Tim Webber

Rosie Hadfield

Jeffery Wade

Michael Soulby

Henry Rockliff

Chris Playfoot

Hannah Moulton

Steve Jones

Adam Spillane

Caitlin Brumby

Glen Sankey

Thomas Smith

Ali Mortazavi

Edmund Willatts

 Thomas Gamble

Provisional Leaders

These members can lead some trips with permission from a leader! See the GPGs for full details on what is allowed

Ben Thompson

Antonia Headlam-Morley

Sam Snowden