Present: Glen, Botch, Olly, Brendan, Ben, Max

Long crawly climby entrance series, got soaked waiting for Glen and Brendan to get through a squeeze.

Tested rift, went into maze

Got through boulder choke, explored enormous tunnel.

Botch and Olly accompanied me into a tiny little rift that led onto a smallish chamber – expeditionary according to Botch, who viciously threw dirt in my eyes before I could leave properly.

Very sketchy climb back up, managed while half blind.

Tried to come out of the tunnel, the others had bricked it up – typical civil engineers (read: bastards).

I was confused me at first and I insisted they help me. They refused. Fuck ‘em.

I ended up bracing my head on the walls to try and maneuver myself into the right orientation before starting deconstruction work.

Removed the wall, what bastards.

Left, bringing up the rear with Glen.

I will admit, this is to test the emails – yes I know! Contrary to popular belief I am actually attempting to fix them… at least I am now that I have exams breathing down my neck and I don’t want to revise.

Web Secretary & COVID Officer 4th year chemical engineering student who is still riding high off an expedition…