The weekend came to attend NCHECC which I am gradually becoming too old for. After having a nice catchup and going to bed at 4am I well and truly couldn’t be fucking arsed to do anything even resembling a cave so went with Brendan and some MUSC and NUCC folks down Lancaster -> Wretched.

Having lost my SRT kit on the prov rescue, I didn’t have one so made do with some static cowstails, a stop of unknown provenance and a nice new harness from Tony. The walk over the moor was pleasant and I chatted to some folk probably. I remarked in my head the drained nature of the moorland here has lead to a dominance of Eriophorum and what I suspect is Campylopus introflexus. Very disappointing frankly.

We soon arrived at Lancaster Pot and off we fucked down it. Due to the clusterfucky nature of this trip it took ages to get all 9 people down so me and a nice Todd fellow, plus NUCCs new pres Laura wandered off into a side passage to look at some pretty bits which was nice. After everyone had arrived except Brendan we fucked off because Brendan was okay.

The trip proceeded easily from here on, and we stopped at some point for photos. Everybody lay down in the passage, with MUSC saying they were pretending they were SUSS being rescued. This amused me somewhat.

Soon, we met the cacophonous crew of cunts coming the other way, who were doing the trip from Top to Pippikin. Brendan left us at this point, presumably because he wanted to watch Nathan being topless and sweaty, and Rachel from ULSA joined us. It was very nice to have Rachel with us, I’ve never been underground with her before and she was not unpleasant. I think we got the better end of the deal – Rachel said the ULSA folk were communicating primarily through the medium of stupid noises, which is why Jack Dewison likes gong caving with them – it makes him feel smarter by comparison.

Soon we were in Wretched and I had to remember the way, luckily its a piece of piss because lots of people who presumably have arses as big as mine have been through there and polished the whole fucking thing. Someone complained that we went to fast and left them, but you know – exploration is the spirit of caving!

We emerged and fucked off. The night went well as I had eccles cakes until someone was late for callout. Me and Helen w/ Jack wandered across the moor but unfortunately K Brook had already walked out with them. I was disappointed because I did not get underground but at least I got to take my damp uncomfortable clothes for a walk in the fine company of Creg.

All in all a reasonable weekend and I must thank NUCC and MUSC for being lively and enjoyable companions underground. Hope they enjoyed it too.